Thoughts from the Chair: July 25, 2021

Life is about choices. We make hundreds if not thousands of them every day. Even refusing to make a choice – is a choice – to let things stay as they are. Most of the time, we are in our present circumstances, whatever they may be, by virtue of the choices we have made. Sometimes the available choices are not clear. Occasionally we must choose between Bad, Very Bad, and, Extremely Bad. Sometimes the choice is not between two evils, but perhaps even three or more. Still, as rational humans, we should choose the best option available. We may curse the Gods if we do not have perfect choices, but we cannot abdicate our moral responsibility to make the best choice that we can. When some chose not to participate, not to vote, or to vote for a candidate with no possibility of being elected, those choices result in the election of someone like Donald John Trump – the worst president in our history. What did they expect to happen? Evil triumphs when good is absent or distracted or silent. Politics is the arena of competing, confusing, and frustrating choices. Maybe we Americans really do make the right choices – only after we have tried everything else. Some may now believe that we certainly have tried everything else – after Trump. Not so. The beginnings of authoritarian if not fascist control of our government is currently lurking in the bowels of the Republican party. Be aware. Republican Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th President, wanted American government to work for all Americans. That ideal was discarded by Richard Nixon, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and their minions as they created and inflicted the polarization and division in our nation. Now we are strongly divided – the womb from which fascism can spring. Jim Crow has now returned as Jim Crow 2.0. Republicans are destroying access to the polls where and when they can. Republicans are parading monumental lies to further polarize our citizens. Republicans are attacking science and truth as mere opinion. But the grand plan of Republicans is starting to fall apart. It’s the nonsensical and unvaccinated Republicans that Covid is now attacking. Republican deniers are running for cover – and vaccines. Facts and science are both stubborn things. Republicans planned to run out the clock ‘til 2022. Reality is about to hit them like a ton of bricks. Let’s help reality sock it to the Republicans. Let’s show them what motivated Democrats can do when we get our voters to the polls in 2022. Get ready. Put your shoes on!


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