How to Protect the Lives of Workers at Local Chicken Plants

Hey, Fam,

It’s Maria del Rosario Palacios, your local Hall County activist here volunteering in hopes we can stop the spread of COVID in my home town of Gainesville, GA. Why I’m Here

I have received multiple complaints against poultry plants in Gainesville who are pressuring COVID positive folks back to work before they’re truly ready to go back. A close friend of my family, named Carlos, went back to work after being out for 4 weeks last week. He was still visibly sick, and infected my family member. This young man, aged 35, passed away on Tuesday and he was at work the day before.

We need your help now to intervene with PPE and emergency relief for both sick families and for those who have lost a loved one to COVID as a result of the inhumane consideration for our workers. Hall County has become a hotspot for COVID, and although the county is only 25% Hispanic, more than 50% of the positive cases are Latinx.
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