Letter to Elections Director, Lori Wurtz, from Frank Lock

Hers is a letter sent to Elections Director, Lori Wurtz from Head of Poll Watchers, Frank Lock

Hello Lori Wurtz, I know all of you are extended about as much as possible, and I appreciate the good work you do. I have spent time as an outside poll watcher at five precincts the last two days and have some concerns/suggestions. First though, the new blue banners at each location are terrific! At the Murrayville early voting site I am concerned about the parking situation. There is definitely not enough parking unless the school lot above the library is used. However, all voters drive down to the library parking area then have to turn around (not much room to do that) and wind up parking on the driveway road. Some folks drive fast down the driveway to the library and I was concerned there might be an accident (Some of those folks driving skills are not what they should be!)It may be a first day problem.
I drove past the Mundy Mill site twice yesterday and did not see it! Another blue banner on the back of the one that is there would help a bunch (My friend Jim, a poll manager, had a hard time finding the site yesterday. We were both happy to have found it today!) Today, at the Spout Springs site, there was no one checking with folks in line about handicap/move to the front/here’s a chair (there was at Murrayville, yesterday). Also, some signs indicating where the new drop box is would be helpful? The wait at Spout Springs was 30 minutes today, and about the same at Mundy Mill. A couple asked me about wait times and I recommended they go to Chicopee Woods, where there were just 4 voters while I was there for 40 minutes, and they were getting through in 12 minutes. (When there are long lines at Mundy Mill and Spout Springs might the manager check with Chickopee Woods about lines there, and perhaps recommend folks go there?) Yesterday, North Hall had a 45 minute wait time. Despite all of this, things are much better than waiting 90 plus minutes in line at the county office! Thanks, Frank Lock

Note From Brad H who lives in Sterling on the Lake. His wife and son voted today and no line at Sprout Springs Library.