My Voter Page is not working!

From: Patricia Lassiter 

Chairs, apparently the My Voter Page (MVP) website is currently not displaying polling locations for anyone. I am still able to access my polling location from the app on my phone but not on my computer. It seems that whenever MVP has a higher volume of users than usual, issues arise. Thank you for continuing to do outreach and share resources. Obviously, it’s working. Please continue and let’s make sure we remain upbeat and inviting about turnout so that voters will be encouraged to add to the record turnout we are experiencing. Our DPG Voter Protection Team is aware and has reached out to the Secretary of State’s office and I will keep you posted about any changes. Thanks so much for everything you are doing. 

There is a way to find your precinct on MYP. You have to click on View/Print Precinct Card and on the second page of your Precinct Card the information about where your precinct is located can be found.

They are not making this easy.