Thoughts from the Chair: June 20, 2021

Comments, June 20
The Mainstream Media is finally starting to report how autocrats can takeover our nation.
Without question, the first step to the destruction of our democracy is for provocateurs to
instigate massive, angry, scary, propaganda. Republicans are engaged in these acts nationwide.
Would be autocrats proclaim that the “enemy” is at the gates. Fox “news” churns up fears. The
enemy is near! What enemy? Communism and socialism! Our country is about to be taken over!
The Red Scare returns! Duck and cover! Trumpians are the true patriots – only they can save us!
Those NOT LIKE US – they are the enemy!
These Trumpian Republican tactics have their foundation in the Big Lie and little lies. This is
autocratic propaganda in action. Tune in to Fox and listen. NO, DO NOT TURN FOX NEWS OFF!
Listen and watch. This is how democracy is corroded until it finally turns to dust. Fox and other
Trumpian agents are spewing raw propaganda, totally divorced from reality, facts and truth. The
birth of autocratic government is the objective. Know and see these agents as the clear and
present enemies of our democracy that they are. Watch them wrap themselves in our flag as
though that act can make truth out of the propaganda that they spew from their lying lips.
June Krist encountered a white couple in our 9th
district who epitomize the acolytes that the
Republicans have created. The 3 foot by 4 foot sign on the back of their hatchback reads: We
must STOP Communism – Democratic Party. Jesus is our only Hope! Watch the Program
Warroom. MAGA.
These are Mr. & Mrs. 9th
District MAGA. Are they true believers? Evil? Stupid?
Hornswoggled? Fundamentally bad people? Probably not – but neither are they innocent. MAGA
is a siren call to them – a call to their inner selves where their world is carefully curated systemic
bigotry. Why Communism? Because its scary! Democrats = Communists! Still, facts are
stubborn things.
There are, arguably, three communist countries left in the world, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba. Cuba
masquerades as communist, but is a dictatorship. China and North Korea are dictatorships
pretending to be communist states. Russia is a dictatorship under Vladimir Putin. China, North
Korea, Cuba and Russia are all run by autocratic dictators. None of these countries is exporting
Mr. & Mrs. 9th
District MAGA will never understand that who they are comes down to bigotry.
Communism is not the enemy. The America they want is nothing more than a white on top
system. They have a bigoted fear of people NOT LIKE THEM. These white MAGA folks are
experiencing the gnawing terror that comes from the knowledge that their white civilization may
be – gone with the wind. They embrace Trumpian Republican propaganda because it validates
their white supremacy bigotry. We cannot save Mr. & Mrs. 9th
District MAGA believers – even
from themselves.
What we can do is to prepare for the coming battle. Understand the Republican tactics for what
they are. Expose the lies. Save our democracy.

Trump supporters rally in D.C. for 'Million MAGA March' - Chicago Tribune