Who We Are

Our September monthly meeting is Monday, Sept 9, 6:30 at the Gainesville Civic Center. 6:00 for Social Time. We will be electing a new DPG State Committee Member, as well as a Hall County Democratic Committee Member from Dist 2.

Monthly meetings are usually the second Monday of every month at the Gainesville Civic Center, 830 Green St. NE Gainesville, Ga, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The Hall County Democratic Committee promotes Democratic principles and values while encouraging active participation in the election process. We recruit, train, support and elect candidates for Hall County and Georgia state offices.

Hall County Democrats Headquarters
314 College Avenue
Gainesville, Ga 30501
(470) 577-0095

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am- 7:00 pm, or by appointment

The Current leadership as of 12/11/2018

Kim Copeland Chair
Angela M 1st V-Chair
Leigh Miller 2nd Vice-Chair
Andy Colaninno Treasurer
Jennifer LaRose Secretary

District 1
Leigh Miller Post 1 Dec 2022
Carol Hundeby Post 2 Dec 2022
Andy Colaninno Post 3 Dec 2020

District 2
Jennifer LaRose Post 1 Dec 2022
Jeff Casper Post 2 Dec 2022
Kim Copeland Post 3 Dec 2020

District 3
Will Stump Post 1 Dec 2022
Adam Koskovich Post 2 Dec 2020
Jackie Sosby Post 3 Dec 2020

District 4
Gala Sheats Post 1 Dec 2022
Angela M Post 2 Dec 2020
Jules Reynolds Post 3 Dec 2020

Arturo Adame Post 1 Dec 2020
Mike Ford Post 2 Dec 2020
Kathy Anderson Post 3 Dec 2020
Maria Palacios Post 4 Dec 2022
D. Lee Post 5 Dec 2022

State Committee
Kim Copeland Jan 2023
Jennifer LaRose Jan 2023
Maria Palacios Jan 2023
Will Stump Jan 2023


When is the meeting?

Hall County Democrats usually have meetings the second Monday of every month at the Gainesville Civic Center at 6:00 p.m. New members are always welcome.


Next Committee Bu...

The next Committee meeting will be part of the general Party Meeting on Monday, Sept 9, 6:30 pm, at the Gainesville Civic Center. We will be electing a new DPG State Committee Member, as well as a Hall County Committee Member representing Dist 2. Please contact Kim Copeland if you wish to run.



• For a quality public education no matter where you live
• For an affordable college education
• For a job that pays enough money to support a family
• For reasonably priced housing
• Opportunity from a tax system that shifts the burden from the working middle class to the wealthy

• A una educación pública de alta calidad sin importar la zona de su residencia
• A una educación universitaria asequible
• A un trabajo que pague lo suficiente para mantener una familia
• A vivienda asequible
• A los beneficios de un sistema de impuestos que deja de sobrecargar la clase media mediante reformas que obligan a la clase alta a pagar su parte de impuestos



• To vote in all elections without punitive restriction
• From unscrupulous banking practices
• From BIG money in government and political campaigns
• From fear of gun violence

• Para votar en todas las elecciones sin restricciones represivas
• De ser sujetos a inescrupulosas prácticas financieras
• De corrupción en el gobierno y dinero sucio en campañas políticas
• De temor a la violencia con armas



• Of enhanced Social Security, expanded Medicare, and extended Medicaid
• Of clean air and water
• Of safe food and drugs
• Of safe roads, bridges, and transportation

• De una protección mayor por el seguro social, expansión de Medicare y ampliación de Medicaid
• De agua limpia y aire puro
• De alimentos sanos y medicamentos seguros
• De buena infraestructura y seguros medios de transporte


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  1. 9 sep

    Monthly Party Meeting

    830 Green St., Gainesville


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