Subcommittees of The Hall County Democrats

The Subcommittees of the Hall County Democrats.

Campaigns and Elections

In coordination with the Chair and the First Co-chair, the Campaigns and Election subcommittee will actively recruit candidates for local offices such as county commissioner, local school boards, Gainesville City Council and Georgia State Legislature. Also, liaise with strategic partners, provide community support and volunteers, and track election news and info. The subcommittee will develop and run the Candidate University.

Communications and Messaging

In coordination with the Secretary, the Communications subcommittee shall be responsible for all internal and external communications. Including but not limited to maintaining an email list, distributing our local newsletter, managing our social media sites, website and calendar of events. Communications subcommittee will also develop a “rapid response” team to react to breaking events.  

Finance and Budget

In coordination with the Chair, the present Treasurer and past Treasurer-if available-, the Finance and Budget subcommittee will; create an annual budget that implements strategic goals, oversee our annual audit, oversee policy and procedures with respect to dispersing funds. The Finance and Budget committee will also develop long-range fundraising goals and strategies for achieving them, track donor funds and establish suggested contribution levels for Party membership along with distributing donor awards. Will be responsible for sale and tracking of merchandise should the board decide to do so.  This subcommittee is responsible for updating the board on the status of all finance matters and budget status.

Fundraising Programing

In coordination with a member of the Committee, the Fundraising subcommittee will plan and implement one major fundraising event a year along with 1 or 2 minor events. This includes arranging the venue, speaker(s), entertainment, and food. The subcommittee will also send out invitations and track RSVPs to events. The subcommittee will work closely with the Finance and Budget subcommittee to coordinate such events to be in line with strategic goals.  The subcommittee will coordinate with the chair to support state, and national fundraising efforts’. 

Member Affairs

In coordination with a member of the Committee, the Membership subcommittee shall; pursue activities to engage, recruit and retain local HCD members, maintain membership records, support new and current members in finding a subcommittee that matches their specific interests and talents. Members Affairs subcommittee will also maintain contact with new members reminding them of upcoming events and local meetings. The subcommittee will also use and update the My Campaign in Votebuilder with member activities and results from voter registration drives and GOTV results. Also, set up tables/booths and local festivals and events as a way of recruiting new members.  Coordinate with Political Organizing and County Events to plan appropriate celebrations (parties) to encourage membership, energize new members and reward participation. 

Diversity and Inclusion

In coordination with a member of the Committee, the Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee shall identify, build, and maintain relationships with influential constituency groups outside the HCDP who are historically and philosophically aligned with Democratic tenets and develop a strategy for working with these groups with the goals of increasing Democratic voter registration, voter turnout and active participation in the HCDP, and Democratic candidate campaigns. The Committee will work closely with Hispanic, African American, Asian-American and other cultural communities to participate in, sponsor, and organize events to discuss relative issues affecting these populations and encourage these cultural groups to participate in the HCDP. The subcommittee will keep track of local community events where these populations are likely in attendance and set up information tables/booths at such events.

Political Organizing and County Events

In coordination with a member of the Committee, the subcommittee will create and maintain a calendar of local events for the HCDP to participate in such as parades, festivals, fairs and rallies. The calendar should also include County Commission and City Council meetings along with County Election Board meetings to share with HCDP members. This subcommittee will work with Voter Protection, Expansion and field Operation subcommittee to organize volunteers to register people to vote.

Voter Protection, Expansion and Field Operations

In coordination with a member of the Committee, the subcommittee will coordinate with our Board of Elections Representatives and the DPG’s Voter Protection Unit to develop and implement long term strategies to preserve and strengthen voting rights. The subcommittee will also recruit and train regional precinct captains and poll watchers including those who are bi-lingual. The committee will work closely with the Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee to coordinate voter registration drives. This subcommittee will work with nonpartisan groups to organize volunteers to register people to vote.  Coordinate subcommittee events with Political Organizing and County events and with Member Affairs Subcommittee.

 Young Democrats

In coordination with a member of the Committee, this subcommittee will work closely with local high schools and colleges to organize and coordinate local chapters of young Hall County Democrats to include training on how to participate in local campaigns and politics. The chair of this subcommittee works semi-independently in developing their community agenda and will report events to the Political Organizing committee to be added to our general calendar.


In Coordination with a member of the Committee, the Technology subcommittee will assist the Hall County Democrats with knowledge of the software programs and equipment used by HCDP. This subcommittee will help other subcommittees with technology. This subcommittee will research and make proposal to the committees to HCD for new software and equipment to meet the evolving needs of the committee.