Become a Member of the Hall County Democratic Committee!

The HCD Committee is THE decision-making body of the Hall County Dems. Only members of the Committee can bring resolutions before the Committee for a vote, elect officers, and chair subcommittees. Being elected as a Committee Member is an honor and a commitment. We have one Committee position open in District 1 (South Hall including Buford, Hoschton and Flowery Branch). Click HERE to see if you live in District 1.

We need responsible, dedicated people who want to get Democrats elected nationally, in the state of GA, and in Hall County. The remaining term for this seat runs through 2026.

Who is eligible to run for the HCD Committee?
* Any Democratic Voter registered to vote in Hall County interested in helping lead Georgia, the 9th District, and Hall County to a BLUER future
* Must be a registered voter who resides in Hall County in the district for this seat
* Must submit an affidavit declaring yourself a committed Democrat
* If you’re interested, please click HERE for the affidavit, complete it, and bring it to the June
12th meeting. 
* Can commit time to GCDP meetings and events
* Must attend the June 12, 2023, 6:00pm Business Meeting at the Civic Center

Being a committee member, on average, takes a commitment of a few hours a month, but most of that time occurs during runup to primaries and elections. It requires contributing your time, skills, and money, willingness to lead or participate in Committee activities, helping to grow our membership, taking initiative, working with a diversity of people, and supporting the Committee and its officers. Our sub-committees offer an opportunity to use or enhance your skills in a variety of areas, including communications, fundraising, candidate recruiting, technology, voter protection, and social media.

What does a Committee member do?
* Attends all regularly scheduled and Chair-called special sessions of the Committee.
* Donates time, skills, and money to the Committee to help achieve our strategic goals
* Helps plan and execute strategies for Party building
* Helps find good Democratic candidates for office at the Municipal, County, State levels.
* Supports the Executive Committee and its officers in providing services, programs, events, and boots on the ground in our efforts to complete our strategic goals and helping to elect Democrats.
* Participates in efforts to raise money and votes to approve the budget and expenditures brought before the Committee for approval
* Runs to become an Officer and votes to elect the Officers for the HCDC (only elected Post Seat Holders/Members of the Committee can run for and/or vote for Officers)  

We also have an open Vice Chair position. To run for this seat, you must be a member of the HCD Committee (any district or at-large) and commit to leading the Fundraising Subcommittee for the 2023-2024 election cycle; you must also attend the June 12th meeting or send a surrogate to speak on your behalf. Being a vice chair requires more time commitment than being just a member of the committee, especially running up to fundraising events. In addition to leading the Fundraising subcommittee, the person in this Vice Chair role is expected to attend HCD Executive Committee meetings, participate in executive decision-making, and may chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.Both the newly elected Committee member and vice chair will take office immediately.

NOTE: The application deadline for these opportunities expires on MONDAY, June 12, 2023 @ 5:55 PM.