GA SOS to Purge Voter Roles

From the ACLU

Dear Friends

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office is preparing to cancel the registration of 330,000 Georgia voters. It is imperative to be on the lookout in your mail for a notice.

We are very concerned and disappointed that the Secretary of State persists in canceling the registration of duly registered Georgia citizens. The ACLU of GA has worked very hard to protect voter rights and ensure that people have adequate opportunities to correct errors that results in cancellations in their ability to exercise. It is especially concerning ahead of municipal elections across the state.

We urge you to check your voter registration status and contact us for help if there is a problem.

The Secretary’s office has a history of massive error in canceling registrations. In 2017, the ACLU of Georgia filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State’s Office for illegally canceling nearly 160,000 registered Georgia voters from the active voter file. On the eve of a final court date, then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp settled the ACLU of Georgia case by agreeing to comply with state and federal law.

Please, check your voter registration status. Again, if there is a problem, contact us at